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Leadership Manipulations

When organisations do not have a well defined assessment backed process to select leaders, they often blunder and end up selecting manipulators pretending to be savvy corporate leaders for their critical roles. They represent the classic contemporary wolf in the sheep's clothing !! Manipulation is what happens when we influence someone to do something and only we benefit from their actions. Leadership, in contrast, works to ensure that both parties benefit. Thus by implication, Manipulators in organisations use their positional power to create situations such that only they are benefitted and the teams under them are divided and fighting each other to self protect themselves. Merely because people find themselves randomly and accidentally in superior organisational supervisory positions, it does not automatically make them leaders. Leadership is about wisdom. It is about spirituality, maturity and a deep desire for collective success through synergy. Powerful Leadership fosters loyalty to the purpose. Manipulator fosters loyalty to the Powerful Person. Both thrive. One out of fear for a short time. The other is loved and thus becomes a legend.

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