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Manage Yourself.

Yes that is the secret of success. Every person brings to a situation , a bag full of his personality factors. Some of these contribute majorly to success and some others lead to total collapse. Knowing how to manage the balance between the positive factors that maximize contributions is what leads to success for the achievers.

The greatest achievers in history have been those who know how to 'manage themselves' and that in large measures is what accounted for them being great.

Whilst Shakespeare , Bethoven, de Vinci, Pele and other greats of the world could be classified as rare exceptions , one can never forget that they managed their context with reference to their strengths, very effectively, They learnt to manage their strengths around the challenge and hence they succeeded. But even at the second level of greats , the others who too have been rather successful in life (may be not so great as the others) indeed were successful purely because of this 'Chain of Five' :

1. They knew their strengths

well. If they had a 100 $ to be 'force spent' , they would further invest 80$ to enhance their strengths and $20 to get better off their short-comings so that it does not hinder their journey of sucess. Work on your strengths always more than focus disproportionately on their weakness.

2. They were Realistic. They knew their developmental needs. This included knowing the area where without development if they were to act, they would lead to a disaster. Thus they knew where to skip and seek help from.

3. They knew where to position themselves to maximize their contributions. Not everybody had to do the same things. Each one contributes in their own areas where they can enhance contributions. This positioning oneself appropriately where their contributions would be maximized is an important aspect of self management.

4. They learnt to always be alert and stay engaged...always agile, always alert and ever ready to engage.

5. They were very realistic and not pompous about their self evaluation and authentic feedback . They thus knew how to manage themselves... when to do, what to do, when to avoid and when to seek help.

Achievers have discretion that helps them to Manage Themselves well. They know how to manage themselves vis-a- vis their strengths to maximize their contributions and when to stay away.

Wish to be an achiever ? Do you know this ?

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