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'Netlladin' - the new Cousin

'Crowd Sourcing' of professional information is a superfind. Love it.  It's like owning the proverbial 'Alladin's Lamp'. You rub it hard to get the information, search contents or establish contacts and 'abracadabra' the Guinea appears pronto with your desired bounties. 

This 'Netlladin' however is dangerous in my assessment. I am not making slanted references to it thru family linkages to country cousins -  'Bin-Laden' or 'Mujahiddin' !!

As a professional , I am seriously worried about creative thinking and the capability loss that the society will suffer in the future, the way we are going ... 'Netlladin' is no less a terrorist from that reference as a hi-potent destroyer of future professional capabilities.

Look at these 10 real queries for help sought by the new professionals on professional WApp groups that I came across in the last few months :

1. Can someone send me a well-drafted Appointment letter ? Boss wants to see it on Friday please.

2. Can someone explain what is a 'Charge-sheet' ? Who decides the charges ?

3. My boss does not want to grant maternity leave to the new receptionist? What reasons can I use in the letter that I need to write? Suggest goid ones.

4. Can somebody send me their 'HR Policy Manual' ? Would like to adopt it.

5. What should be the content of a good level policy ?

6. I can see the guilt of the Manager in his attitude towards women. Do I still need to go thru an investigation process thru ICC to punish him in a Woman employee's complaint ?

7. Tell me your best Engagement activity which I can directly adopt on Founder's Day? Deadline approaching fast.

8. Please share with me your 'Rewards Policy' pronto. Our Regional Director is visiting our office in 3 days and wants to release our Co Rewards Ploicy with a 'fan-fare'. We have organised the fan-fare activities. Now we only need a Rewards' Policy !

9. Our CO is visiting various campuses next week. Can someone please share their 'Succession Plans' with us ?

10. The Union Leader is insisting that we should follow the 'Standing Orders'. I told him that we only have the appointment letter. How should I handle his demand ? Please suggest ideas.

If Crowd sourced inputs as in the above queries are for purposes of revalidation, verification or cross checking, it would be great. But here I see a worrisome negative trend emerging. It is the silent destructive plan of 'Netlladin' to take away from our young professionals the desire to invest in developing their foundation-base skills & knowledge required to build themselves up professionally. Their net skills develop over time but their professional knowledge and skills slowly diminish. 'Netlladin' delights them and serves them easily without their having to strive first-hand to build these capabilities. And that is the sweet poison pill.

How then is future knowledge or capability of professionals going to be built if it is further complexed by the fact that academic institutions can only provide theoretical inputs to their pass-outs? 

Crowd Sourcing is good, fast & desirable. Makes life easy, fast and comfortable. But I hope 'Netlladin' does not succeed in taking the slog out of our young professionals who need to invest time & build their hands-on foundation skills for their professional success.

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