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Old Myths, New Realities

Poor Old Santa had to in the new digital normal, do serious self capability building!!! Had to take a crash course on digital software to decipher what the yo-kids want on their wish list. And that would have been a tough 'WFH' in North-Pole with no reliable Wifi signals!

No longer did the wish list from children include Ludo, Snakes-Ladders, Chinese Chekers, Chess Boards, bicycles, Mechano or Monopoly

The new list has -

Drones, Mobile phones, Smart talking Wrist watches, Shifu Plugo Count, Ps4 ITB Slim,

Hasbro Simon, Era Traders

Onikk, Eitheo, Greeva, Soytoi

Comdaq, Mishti,

Kreedo, Cocomo, Scilla...

Unvaccinated, with a red Mask, Ol' Man Santa will labour to bring Christmas cheer to kids even in the COVID curfewed times...

So as I wish you all my friends Seasons' Greetings, Dear Policeman, please do not quarantine our dear Santa, he has a serious job to do which cannot be done on Christmas day from his home. Let live old myths in new normals...they bring hope & symbolically trigger happy times with the jingle that lies ahead!

By the way, they say one is old if one doesn't know names of the games the kids of your times, play with. Sharpen & wake-up folks, you are as young as your spirit, you are as old as your inhibitions. Merry Christmas.

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