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When someone says - I like his personality, what does he mean? Looks good? Smart? Good Conversationalist? Like dressing style? Personality is misunderstood often as 'Good Looking' - handsome or pretty. At its most basic, Personality reflects collectively, the overarching patterns of thoughts, feelings & behaviors displayed by a person as perceived by the others. Personality rises from within & collectively reflects his/her traits on each of these 5 'OCEAN' domains : ☝Openness : the person's imagination, insights, feelings and ideas ☝Conscientiousness :his thoughtfulness, competence, impulses ☝Extroversion :his sociability, assertiveness & expression ☝Agreeableness:his display of co- operation, trustworthiness, altruistic & kindness AND ☝Neuroticism: his calmness & emotional stability in challenging times. 'Hi or Lo' Behaviours of individuals on each of these 5 domains, reflects behaviours of the individual on these traits. Along with physical sharpness & style of that individual, collectively these traits indicate the individual's overall persona and thus negative or positive attractiveness of his/her personality to others. Next time when someone tells you that they like your personality, certainly don't run a comb thru your hair & up your collar!!

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