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Different people have different perspectives. The Perspective one has on different subjects comes from the personal points of view nurtured by individuals thru their early-life observations. Early learning thoughts are fostered, nurtured and shaped by one's life experiences, values, reinforced scripts and behaviours of role models.

What one appreciates and learns to Value out of life is also a function of what makes one happy and thus learnt to enjoy.

Gibran in his beautiful story 'Values' conveys this point rather effectively. Let me share his story ...

Once a farmer unearthed in his field a beautiful marble statue. He took it to a collector of art pieces, who loved all such things. He offered the statue to him for sale. The collector offered him a lot of money and bought the statue.

As the farmer walked home with the money he thought ... " How much life this money can buy. How can any man give all this for a dead carved stone buried and undreamed of in the earth for a thousand years ?"

The collector was admiring the statue in his living room at home, at the same time. And he was thinking ... " What a beauty! What life! The dream of what a soul ! .... and fresh from the sleep of a thousand years. How can anyone give all this up for money, dead and dreamless?

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1 Comment

Sushil Baveja
Sushil Baveja
Nov 08, 2022

Very profound…

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