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When strong, you support. When weak, you seek but with an idea to grow out of it.

Providing Moral Support is tougher than providing Financial Support, also known as Charity. For those who have in excess, providing Financial Charity is the easier alternative. However, there is greater commitment and extended engagement in Moral Support and that is what differentiates Charity from Support. Societies never grow on Charity. They grow on Support.

Providing Moral Support encourages a person or a group in a set-back, adversity or crisis, to rise above the quick-sand and fight. This enhances their Resolve, Resilience and Resistance. Critical, thus, is to provide an air-pocket of support in a crisis to enhance the person's Confidence to fight- back. And that is what we need to cultivate as Givers.

When Confidence is brightened, a sense of Hope returns and Morale boosts. As the general sense of well-being is restored, solution and progress become possible. In my Opinion (appreciation), that is the real way-forward in a community or in an organisation.

Giving a higher performance rating when not deserved, is like giving Charity. This fosters a habit of underperformance. What leadership is expected to do is to provide an air-pocket of support with an idea to build Confidence and Capability to perform better.

Giving a person a fish on the plate only enhances Expectations. Teaching him to fish not only builds his Competency but rebuilds his Confidence to fight-back. It is never about Magnanimity. It is always about RESOLVE.

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1 Comment

Jun 03, 2022

Very well put abd valid in this journey called Life

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