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Slow Down To Go Fast

We all grew up in a pre-set design that taught us : learn from history, plan for tomorrow. Somewhere in the design , poor 'today' got lost.

Lost to all of us in all this is the Power of the 'Now Moment'. The sharp edge difference between the successful and the not so successful when researched was found to be deeply hidden in the 'Power of Now' ! The winners knew the value and thus captured the here and now.

The impact of compounding can trigger thereafter only if you start doing the things right in the 'now moment'. Compounding otherwise is not a tough concept to understand. It is your ability to do the small things in the present right that triggers compounding to the result you desire in the future.

All of us want to be successful. But for that we have to slow down to go fast. Begin by doing all those small things right in the 'now moment' and let the compounding effect build on it and slowly kick-in to get you the desired success.

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