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The Bookmark !

Often do I meet people frustrated and confused with their job situations. Frustration at one's Workplace can have an acute impact on ones 'WMP' - Wellness Mindfullness and Peace.

As a young MBA, when I got frustrated at my workplace for the first time, I accidentally got chatting with my Dad. Guess what ? He dug out from his collection of books and gifted me of all the things - a 'book-mark' ! I thanked him and dismissively, without reading pushed it in one of my books, more to make him happy.

A few months later, I got to read it and that became since my 'Go To Read', each time that I was frustrated at work . It was a poem by Frank Collins on that 'book-mark'... "What Kind Of A Chap Are You ?"

Read for it may help you too ...

What Kind Of A Chap Are You ?

Are you one of the chaps

who can take his raps

And still not hit the floor;

Who'll stick by the gun

till the task is done

And then look

'round for more ?

Do you grin at your work

or sulk and shirk

When the job seems hard to do

Are you there with the Grit

to do your bit;

Can the boss depend on you?

If your conscience is clear,

with nothing to fear

As you punch the clock

each night;

When you leave the job,

do your pulses throb

With the thought of a job

done right?

Is it pleasure or dread

when you pillow your head

And think of the coming day;

Do you breathe a prayer

for strength to bear

Does your job mean simply play?

Just pause a bit

and see if you fit

In the class

that's pictured here -

For its never too late

to clean the slate

And start

on a record clear.

Frank A. Collins

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