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The Decay

Conservatism is the plight of changing times, the bane of organisations that need to absorb changes & in times like this,  move quickly against the current without support either from the head winds or the tail winds. Conservatism is not a thought as much as it is a behavioural affliction that makes one love existing comfort more over investments in work for future success. Thus setting path for decay The real behavioural difficulty for the Conservatives lies not so much in developing new ideas to move with times as much as it is in escaping from the wrong ideas of the past, subscribed and rigidly held on. It is that mindless rigidity that causes the decay. When Conservatives see progressive agenda, they instantly under-cut opposition by labeling them 'Liberals and Traitors' to the approved group culture, traditions & norms. Thus they push for (rightly or wrongly) a comfortable status-quo mandate. In this post Covid world which is planning its way forward thru Creativity, Innovations & Revolutionary Design Thinking, the greatest set-back to organisational success will emerge from such Conservatives who mindlessly resist change. See the doodle. The great economist John Maynard Keynes explains this dilemma the best...not those who built strong walls between the past and the present that are Conservatives. It is they who built strong walls between the past and the present but  kept ceaselessly looking at the past thru the windows they created in the wall who are the actual Conservatives who push the progressive path of success back to the old route of decay. 

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