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The Right 'A'

Achievement & Accomplishments both may bring us pride but interviews with successful people reflects that ...

👉 accomplishments build better self confidence

👉 accomplishments create deeper and happier memories

👉 accomplishments make you try harder if you fail.. no external shame in case of repeat losses

👉 accomplishment needs no external judges nor audience. It makes self pride soar upon its fulfillment

👉 accomplishments have no end date. You could keep trying on and on till you feel like Accomplishments have no 'Best Before Date'. Achievement is possible only until a better performer emerges. It has, in a way, an 'Expiry Date'. One generally tends to, after a while, give up.

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1 Comment

Mar 12, 2021

Achieving as Bettering of a record set by oneself is also a Great Accomplishment. There can be no set Benchmark to that.... Perfectly said and we'll illustrated Adil Malia

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