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The Audience to which you play, makes the difference

If you play the same celebrated piece of music at a Metro Station like Joshua Bell did, incognito, 3 days prior to his concert where he played the same piece to a standing ovation, you will realise the point. Same brilliant artist, same piece of music, the same 2 M $ violin . At Metro he earned 33$ collectively. At the concert, each ticket was priced 125 $ !!! Organisational Leadership is no different. Unless you have an organisation that has the need & the ability to understand your music, your efforts would get wasted.

The palpable frustration at times of many a great leaders who have accepted to lead the transformation agenda in organisations, stems from the fact that neither the top management nor the Ownership has the right attitude or the ability to understand their music. To that extent it is your responsibility as a performer (read leader in Organisational context) to sufficiently study the nature of your audience to establish if you are playing at the right forum or not ! And if you start playing without checking out the audience capacity to appreciate, don't blame them. Blame yourself. They are sitting to listen to the music of their choice. You are playing the wrong notes.


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