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Your Situational Reaction is an outcome of your Self Belief in your ability to influence the outcome

Situational Reaction an Outcome of Your self belief

Caveat. This is not science. Nor are there any supportive models to back this. On the basis of my Coaching experiences this is my self-realised design which has helped me situationally handle many of my coaching clients. I thus share it with you. If it helps you, use it.

Our situational reaction is an outcome of our predominant temperament in combination with self-belief in our ability to personally impact or collectively influence a desirable outcome. That is the quintessence of the thought, at its crux.

Each one of us reflects a predominant characteristic temperament. Our first rather natural reaction to any situation is from that state. We are either :

a. Aggressively reactive ... slightest provocation or discomfort makes the client react with anger , temper , respond with loud voice and aggression. Client does not have to be dragged or invited. He self invites himself into the situation. Any hindrances or non- compliance to his driving agenda makes him react.

b. Consciously Passive and Calm...client is generally calm until seriously dragged and provoked into a situation. By himself, he would generally avoid the situation and prefer to rather be a spectator.

c. Situationally Mature and Assertive but occasionally aggressive. Client is generally Type B above but sometimes, for unexplained reasons, suddenly becomes aggressive and everybody around is left wondering : what happened ?

My coaching experiences make me believe that a client's situational reaction is a outcome of his/her predominant characteristic/essence/temperament in combination with his/her self-belief in ability to personally impact or collectively influence the desired outcome in that situation.

Each one of us has a self-belief or essence about what we can personally do/impact as desired outcome in a situation OR what we cannot do OR what we believe we can influence others to collectively do to arrive at a desirable outcome in a given situation. We may sometimes actually believe that the situation being impossible , we cannot personally impact or collectively influence the outcome.

Now combine the two....ones predominant temperament with ones self-belief in ability to impact or influence the desired outcome. You will now be able to predict your client's situational reaction.

Make him self Discover his situational reactions and I promise you, his Appreciative Enquiry of the onward journey to evolve the Design, define his Destination and envision his Dreams, will become easy.

This combination brings us to 12 reactive options that emerge :

1. Aggressively Reactive - and believes can impact the outcome

2. Aggressively Reactive - but believes he cannot impact outcome

3. Aggressively reactive - and believes can influence outcome thru others

4. Aggressively reactive - but believes cannot impact nor Influence outcomes

5. CPC...Consciously Passive and Calm and believes he can impact the outcome

6. CPC but believes he cannot impact the outcome

7. CPC and believes he can influence the outcomes

8. CPC but believes that the outcome cannot personally be impacted nor influenced

9. SMOA and believes he can impact outcomes

10. SMOA but believes he cannot impact outcomes

11. SMOA and believes he can influence outcomes

12. SMOA but believes the outcome cannot be impacted nor influenced by him.

Now take a look at the depicts 4 situations. One where the two cars are positioned headlong ..second where a car is halted by a red signal though in a hurry to go ..third where there is a big rock in the middle of the road blocking the path on the road...fourth, where a lot of cars are caught up in a serious traffic build-up and are lock-jammed.

Your client's situational reaction would be one out of the 12 above based on his self- essence and his goal belief. You will thence be able to help him discover and understand his situational behaviours and chalk out his way forward plans.


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