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Formula for Success of the Firm

Business Performance & the Quality of Talent need to be in a quid pro quo relationship contributing to success of the Firm. Performance of the Firm is a direct outcome of how yr people maximise & capture potential opportunities to create value in the market. Remember Step 1 : Revenues are success avenues !! Yr Firms P&L a/c to that extent directly reflects the current quality of yr Human Capital that interacts with potential customers & clients in the market.

The FiRM that invests wisely to develop an enabling talent-eco system within its enterprise is the one that has realised this equation. This talent eco system comprises of Talent Acquisition, Structured Alignment, People Engagement & Systematic Measuremenpts. It does not really matter if this 'Business : Talent' equation is blanced in the Firm by an effective line manager who understands people management OR a strategic human resources professional who understands business and markets.

Whoever can get better business results and convert market opportunities into the Firm's value thru the People is the best Talent Manager that the Firm should be on a perpetual look-out for. The Firm has to keep scouting for Rain-makers and not those who wear rain-coats and stay at home when it rains hard !

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