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Building A Knowledge Sharing Culture...releasing value trapped in files

Knowledge Sharing Culture

Organisations thrive on Knowledge...sourced from outside or accumulated inside thru its own experiences built over a period of time. The traditional 'Command-Control' organisations tend to have a hierarchical view. Unless the leadership in their generally tall hierarchies 'stamps' that knowledge, it does get authenticity. Such knowledge till then cannot be circulated and by the time it gets 'stamped' such knowledge may become stale and become common. This is where Quantum forward thinking leadership breaks away from classical leadership. High performing Quantum Leaders build cultures in their Firms that actively encourage knowledge sharing and its creation by following these basic 5 principles... 👉 They systematically destroy organisational practices that promote knowledge need to create knowledge Czars. The entire system needs to up its Knowledge quotient. 👉 They build organisational knowledge as an integral part of every job. The knowledge auditors periodically verify the recording of learnings which are reviewed at the periodic appraisal meetings. You have to create what they call - Knowledge moments !!! 👉 All Knowledge is built in the organisation around the commonly defined value chain of the core business...unlike other Cos, where knowledge is built and consolidated around a persons role/ job. Systems' integration helps knowledge to grow like 'Medicity' in the value chain. 👉 They work to provide tools to capture and harvest knowledge assets in the form of simple guidelines. They invest in building capability to build the Knowledge treasury of the enterprise. 👉 They encourage systems that credit to teams and people for sharing and using that knowledge....not only building the knowledge asset. Rewards are given for actually using the knowledge to effectively handle the current assignment that one may be handling. What good if someone spends valuable resources to research de novo and gain new insights whilst handling an assignment whereas the same knowledge was available well within the same system thru earlier experiences ??? Transformational organisations focus on creating their Knowledge Balance Sheets. Their valuation naturally jumps higher. Knowledge Management is about creating Organisational value by releasing critical value that would be trapped in the files and data bases of the organisation. You can lead on the edge of Volatility but only if you equip yourself with the right tools. Knowledge Management is one critical tool for future times.

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